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How A City Clickers Tour Works

Man Taking Picture - Photo Scavenger Hunt

Starting Instructions

You will be provided series of clues and riddles to discover many facets of thse traditional capitals. Solve the clues and capture the answers on your digital camera, while creating your own lasting memories of your time spent on the particular island.

After your briefing and with your digital camera in hand, you will receive your clues and riddles, a map, and a bottle of water. You will then have 90 minutes to complete as many tasks as you can.

Earning Points

Use the map and clues to lead you on a journey around the city, as you interact with the locals to complete tasks or find the locations that the clues point you to. Each clue solved earns you points. Earn the most points for your team and walk away with the prize at the end of the 90 minutes of "city clicking."

Awards Ceremony

Return to the appointed location for the wrap-up ceremony. Here, points from your photos are tallied and the prize is awarded to the winner with the most solved clues.

You will receive a complimentary drink before taking a short walk or bus ride back to your ship or you may take the time to seek out on your own, one of the places you revealed and clicked before.

Please Note: This tour can be customized to suit a particular clientele, if desired, and may be adapted from one cruise line to the next. Great for Corporate team building events, weddings and parties.



Duration: 2 ½ Hours with 90 minutes walking



Departure Times : Starting from 9:30 a.m.—Maximum 4 Departures per Day

Contact our tour company at (844) 921-3937, for more details about our entertaining and educational photo scavenger hunt.